Economic news. World of Finance: stocks, exchanges, markets

News in the field of economics is always in demand. And they have a very significant impact on the forex market. Trade in news is not a very risky tactic, so many traders use it. The so-called forex calendar is popular. It is a table that contains data on the publication of the most significant news from the world of macroeconomics. It is constantly updated and is available online. Thus, a trader can always be aware of events. It is published during the working week. Due to this, the trader can think over his further actions and decide how best to trade next week. At the time of the news, quotes change with the greatest speed. Also, high volatility can be seen during the speeches of the heads of state or central banks. Such events are always reflected in the economic calendar.

What else influences the market?

The psychological factor also influences the market. Since the calendar is used by traders around the world. All the indicators specified in the calendar, affect the market. Thus, economic calendar will always be useful when trading currency in the forex market. In this heading you will be able to learn the most significant new from the world of finance.