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 forecast of US Dollar

The forecast of US Dollar in 2018. Revision of the strategy of movement

US Dollar is one of the most popular monetary units of all countries in the world. It’s a reserve currency for many countries. Its significant growth began in 2014 an in this year was fixed the highest mark at 67, 785 RUB. Today in 2018 US dollar exchange rate is 56, 87. The price fell on several units. Because of the rapid growth, a steady and moderate decline begins to occur. Recall that this price was the worst in 2003. Today we’ll talk about the main news which connected with forecast of US Dollar.


In connection with the dynamics of the exchange rate, many banks are reconsidering their trajectory of rates, speaking of a further decline of US currency. This means that central banks do not need to tighten credit policy although a change will necessarily occur. From Federal Reserve System report in 2017 it was indicated that short-term rates exceeded long-term rates and the recession was already going to happen. The spread fell for the first time in ten years to its minimum and there was the situation as it was exactly before the Great Depression. Financial analysts are divided today into two fronts. Some of them are frightened, others say that by 2020 US Dollar will regain its positions.



There will be soon a hotline for Russians where every citizen can learn the rate of a certain currency and define their deposits in banks. Also, this hotline will allow to find out about the existing debts. In particular, this line will work on holidays and weekends, so it saves time. This method has an experimental nature, if it will in demand, then the Federal Bailiff Service will use this function. We have already said that since 2017 bailiffs have the right to initiate administrative proceedings against debtors. So this is a good opportunity to insure.


Euro falls too together with US Dollar. The Euro rate never reached such a mark since the year 2015. In connection with these events, positions of less significant countries currencies are slowly but surely strengthened. Competitiveness is significantly reduced and a further decline Euro will lead to certain consequences for the European Central Bank. Experts unanimously repeat that it is necessary to stimulate the economy and ways are decreasing daily, new reforms and actions are extremely needed. But anyway it’s too early to talk about financial collapse. Watch the news, especially if you keep your savings in foreign currency.

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