Who is a broker and what functions does it perform?
For those who want to earn more, you need to know who the broker is and how he can help. Brokers are of different types – we will tell you about forex brokers. Such companies, as a rule, are officially registered and have a corresponding license. In order to start trading in forex or other financial markets, you need to conclude a contract with a brokerage firm. Now there are many such companies that provide such services. There are brokers who specialize in one thing. For example, in binary options trading, or cryptocurrency. And there are those that give access to trading with all financial instruments. Oil, gold and other precious metals, bitcoins and currency pairs. Thus, a trader can choose what interests him. They can also be trained in forex. To know how to use signals and other helpers for successful trades. A broker, like everyone else, is also always looking for a profit. And it benefits him when you earn a lot. Successful bidding.