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Savoy Investment Group review. Facts and proof it’s not a scam.


Savoy Investment Group review. You can choose many brokers for trading on the stock market. But what happens if people choose a broker that is a scam? They will never get their money back. So, be careful.

In this article, we want to discuss a company with a good reputation among traders. Its name is SavoyIG. It has provided services for trading on the stock market since 2000. The company is global and has offices in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Switzerland, South Africa, and Panama. You can find the exact information on the Savoy Investment Group website.

Let’s start our review with a few facts about SavoyIG:

  • Savoy Investment Group is a broker that provides services for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs
  • The broker offers a wide range of assets for trading
  • Savoy Investment Group offers its clients excellent trading platforms: Web Trader and Mobile Trader 
  • You can find many positive reviews about Savoy IG on the internet.
  • Savoy Investment Group provides a secure connection to its website with the most advanced SSL certificates.
  • The broker offers many funding and withdrawal options.

We have tried to find information where traders considered SavoyIG a scam. We found nothing related to it. And overall, the company looks great.

Savoy Investment Group review. Registration on the website

Savoy Investment Group review. How to sign up? First, you go to the SavoyIG website and fill in your details. After your trading account is open, you need to verify it. Send the required documents to prove your identity and address.

KYC policy and verification.

Know Your Client (KYC). It’s a policy for all regulated financial companies. If you open a trading account, you must confirm your identity and address.

You send:

  • Your driver’s license, Passport, or a national ID
  • Selfie with Identification Document photo
  • Recent utility bills 

This process is a must to start trading. It doesn’t take a long time. You will not get access to the stock market till you verify your trading account. 

Savoy Investment Group. How to fund your trading account and withdraw funds


The broker offers its clients many methods to fund their trading accounts and make withdrawals.

Traders can use their credit or debit cards. They can send money using online payment systems. Also, there are options to use cryptocurrency or wire transfers. Not many brokers offer so many options. It makes Savoy Investment Group one of the best.

SavoyIG. Trading account types

Savoy Investment Group offers five trading account types: 

  • Bronze /starts from 250 EUR/
  • Silver /starts from 5000 EUR/
  • Gold /starts from 25000 EUR/
  • Platinum /starts from 50000 EUR/
  • Premium /starts from 100000 EUR/

You will find all the information about the differences between these account types on the Savoy Investment Group website:

Trading with Savoy Investment Group

SavoyIG review. Let’s say a few words about things that are highly important for traders, such as:

  • Trading platforms. Savoy IG provides excellent web and mobile trading platforms. We made a few trades through a laptop and a smartphone. There were no delays or lags.
  • Spreads that Savoy Investment Group offers on its site. We found them relatively low compared with other brokers. 
  • Trading fees. The fees were exactly as the website states. SavoyIG didn’t charge any additional commissions from our trading account. Some brokers hide their fees and charge more than they should have been. Fortunately, Savoy Investment Group is not one of them. You are safe working with this broker. It’s one of the reasons why people choose this company.


The SavoyIG website security

The Savoy Investment Group website has an SSL certificate. It means your internet connection is secure. It will prevent hackers from reaching your information. You can see the padlock icon near the Savoy IG web address. It shows that the SSL certificate protects the website. So, your personal information is safe. No criminal will get your data. Your money will stay in your trading account till you decide to take it. 

Savoy Investment Group review. Support

The SavoyIG support team is professional. Traders get support any time they need it. They say it’s a high-level service and they couldn’t wish any better. Searching the web, you can find many positive reviews about it on the Internet. If you read or watch these reviews, you will see you don’t have to worry about your money when your broker is Savoy Investment Group.

Trading experience with Savoy IG 

So, what can we say about our experience with Savoy Investment Group? It was enjoyable. We have managed to fund our deposit. Also, we opened and closed trades. Moreover, we withdrew our funds from the trading account.

It was easy to communicate with SavoyIG. The interface of the site was comfortable. The trading platforms this broker provides are very intuitive and easy to use. The support team was helpful and answered all our questions. The compliance team was professional and helped us through the KYC process.


Savoy Investment Group. Additional services

These are additional services SavoyIG provides:

  • Educational materials like e-books and interactive trading courses
  • Trading calculators. They will help you calculate your risk and possible profit.
  • Fundamental analysis tools. They can help you to make the right trading decisions.
  • PAMM accounts
  • Copy trading
  • Autotrading
  • Trading signals.

Both types – beginner and professional traders will find these additional services helpful. 

SavoyIG. Scam cases

There are many scam cases related to CFD brokers on the web. But we haven’t found even one related to Savoy Investment Group. If you searched the Internet about Savoy IG, you would find many positive reviews about this company and see people love this broker because they make money using its services.

Savoy Investment Group review. Summary


Let’s sum up. This SavoyIG review proves that Savoy Investment Group is a great broker for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs. Its educational materials, trading platforms, support team, and additional services are excellent. There are many positive reviews about this company on the web. We highly recommend Savoy Investment Group if you want to make money on the stock market. 

To open a Savoy IG trading account, click this link:

Enjoy trading!

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