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NEOTRADES review. Is this broker a scam? Only facts and proof


NEOTRADES review. In this article, we want to discuss a relatively new global broker. Its name is NEOTRADES. This company has already earned a good reputation among traders because its clients make money. 

Many brokers around the world provide access to the stock market. But some charge lower commissions and offer more trading instruments and tools that help traders become profitable. Also, people will never make money on the stock market if their brokers play against their clients. 

If you want to make a living by trading, NEOTRADES can be a wise choice. This company is a cryptocurrency and CFD broker. You can find many positive reviews about this company on the Internet. NEOTRADES offers a wide range of instruments for trading. It provides excellent trading platforms. Also, this broker offers many options for funding and withdrawal. The NEOTRADES website is secure. It means your private information is safe. The same as your money when it’s in your NEOTRADES trading account.

All the information about this company shows that NEOTRADES is not a scam. Every day more and more traders open NEOTRADES trading accounts. It’s a good sign. If many people make money using the NEOTRADES services, you can too. And remember that this company earns through commissions, so if you lose your money, it won’t go to your broker, and NEOTRADES will stop getting your commissions. That is why this company wants its clients to be profitable.

NEOTRADES review. Registration on the website

NEOTRADES review. Let’s start with how to sign up. 

First, you go to the NEOTRADES site and fill in your details. After your trading account is open, you need to verify it. Just send the required documents to prove your identity and address. It will not take a long time. Then you can start trading.


KYC (Know Your Client) is a policy for all regulated financial companies. This process is a must to start trading. Those who refuse to verify their trading accounts do not get access to the market. 

NEOTRADES doesn’t share your private information with any third party. If you chose another regulated broker, it would make you verify your account anyway. It’s the law, and all regulated brokers follow it. The process of verification is simple and fast. No trader can avoid it.

Funding and Withdrawal


NEOTRADES offers many options to fund trading accounts and make withdrawals:

  • Wire transfers
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Trustly

You can find all the options on the NEOTRADES website Not many brokers offer so many options. It makes this company one of the best in the field. 

NEOTRADES review. Trading accounts 

This broker offers three trading account types: 

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Expert

You can find all the information about these accounts on the NEOTRADES website

Trading with NEOTRADES


This broker offers relatively low spreads compared with other brokers. NEOTRADES provides excellent trading platforms. Traders say many positive things about them. Also, this company doesn’t charge any additional hidden commissions or fees. People find this broker reliable. They love this company because they make a profit using its services. Your money is safe when it’s in your NEOTRADES trading account.


The NEOTRADES support team is highly professional. Traders get support quickly. You can find many positive reviews about it on the Internet. It makes this company one of the best again.

The NEOTRADES website security

The NEOTRADES website has an SSL certificate which means your internet connection is secure and will prevent hackers from reaching your information. The padlock icon near the NEOTRADES web address shows that the SSL certificate protects the website and your personal information.

NEOTRADES review. Additional services


NEOTRADES offers its clients additional services that help people grow their accounts. Traders can use Autotrading, Copy Trading, and PAMM accounts. 

Autotrading helps people to avoid human errors and emotions such as greed or fear. Programs don’t have feelings. They can work 24/7 without any control. That is why so many people use Autotrading.

Copy Trading allows you to mirror the trades of others and do it for free. You only pay a fixed amount to a trader whose strategy made you a profit. You can follow multiple traders at once and can stop at any moment.

PAMM service brings investors and traders together. It helps them to earn from trading under a single account. It’s an excellent system where experienced managers grow money and split profit with investors.

If you open a NEOTRADES trading account, you can use these services too. Many people make money using these services. You can be one of them.

Traders about NEOTRADES

People love this broker. These are the reasons why:

  • A wide choice of instruments.
  • Many options to fund trading accounts and withdraw funds.
  • The trading platforms are easy to use and have everything traders need.
  • NEOTRADES provides its clients with excellent support.

Scam cases

We haven’t found any scam cases relative to NEOTRADES on the Internet. A few times, people refused to verify their trading accounts, and NEOTRADES didn’t give them access to the stock market till they sent the required documents. It doesn’t make this broker a scam. It’s a good sign that NEOTRADES acts accordingly to the law. It means your money is safe with this broker and will stay in your trading account till you withdraw it.

NEOTRADES review. Resume


What can we conclude about this company now knowing all this information above? Is it a scam or a reliable broker? We can only conclude that NEOTRADES is a great broker for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs. It’s a perfect choice to make money on the stock market. 

NEOTRADES offers a wide choice of trading instruments and tools. Its traders get excellent platforms. They can use Autotrading, Copy Trading, and PAMM accounts. There are mostly positive reviews about this broker on the Internet. You can be sure your money is safe with this company. Many NEOTRADES clients make a living by trading. You can be one of them. We highly recommend this broker.

For more information about NEOTRADES, click this link:

Enjoy trading! We wish you profit!

48 thoughts on “NEOTRADES review. Is this broker a scam? Only facts and proof”

  1. Neotrades is one of the best brokers for CFD and cryptocurrency trading. If you want a broker with a good reputation, this company will be the right choice.

  2. Philip Abington

    I can tell you, guys, this company provides great support and offers many educational materials. Even if you know nothing about trading, you can become a successful trader.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. My experience with Neotrade shows that a trading deposit can be tripled in just six months. I hope it’s just the beginning and I can do even better.

  3. Bradley Garrick

    It was my colleague who told me about Neotrades. I had another broker then. But after I compared these two brokers, I had no doubt I had to choose Neotrades.

  4. one of the reasons i love this broker is that i can use cryptocurrency to fund my trading account and make withdrawals

  5. My husband was interested in trading and told me a lot about it. We started learning it through the Neotrades site and opened a trading account. Now our achievement is about 15% per month. Not bad for beginners, right?

    1. if you search the internet you will find many positive reviews about neotrades because this broker is really cool

  6. Many trading instruments and tools, the best trading platform, great support, low spreads, what else do you need to make a profit?

  7. I can assure you this broker is what you need to make money by trading cryptocurrency. Neotrades has earned a good reputation in this field, so you have a big chance to make money on cryptocurrency.

  8. Traders from many countries choose Neotrades. Do you know why? It’s simple. They know they can find all they need in Neotrades to grow their trading deposits.

  9. Everyone from the Neotrades team is highly professional. This company doesn’t hire people without experience in trading on financial markets.

  10. To those who want to make money on the stock market. You won’t find a better broker. I tell you from my experience.

    1. I know it already. I like this broker. I make money here, and I believe everyone can because I’m not some genius or something.

  11. Neotrades offers many good stuff, so everyone will find something to become a profitable trader. This broker won’t steal your money, and it will be safe with this company.

  12. One of the best CFD brokers. Traders make money here. Lots of positive reviews on the Internet. There are no complaints from the clients and no scam cases related to this company.

  13. I can tell you guys why I like this broker. First, it’s the trading platform. It has an easy interface, and it’s multifunctional. Second, it’s a professional support. And third, it’s the option to use cryptocurrency for funding and withdrawal.

  14. My experience with Neotrades is about five months. I can only say positive things about this company and recommend it to everyone.

  15. Many brokers offer cryptocurrency trading. If you compare them, you will see that Neotrades is one of the best for this.

  16. Trading is not easy. Your success depends on yourself. But it also depends on your broker. If the spreads are high, you will never make any profit. That’s why Neotrades is good for any trader. Its spreads are low.

    1. Abigail Mitchell

      I agree with you. I have never had any problem with a trading platform or support team of Neotrades. I highly recommend this broker.

  17. I love that my money is safe with this company, and I shouldn’t worry about it. The reputation of Neotrades is exceptional. Traders consider it a reliable broker.

    1. Very true. I’ve tried a few trading platforms with other brokers, but this Metatrader from Neotrades is definitely much better than others.

  18. One of the reasons I love this broker is a professional support team. When I had questions, they answered them quickly. I have never had to wait till they help me solve my problems. I can give Neotrades only the best rating.

  19. I love Neotrades. Do you know why? It’s simple. I make money with this broker. It’s a good company. If you want a broker for CFD trading, you won’t find a better one.

  20. Pamm account is such a good service! I use it every day and can’t thank enough those who invented it. The same goes for Copy Trading. And to be honest, I’m not even sure if I could make money on the stock market without these two services.

  21. From my experience, this company is a very good broker for cfd trading. Neotrades provides many great services that help traders make a profit.

    1. Yes. it’s an ideal broker for any trader. Ask any other client of Neotrades, and you will see they will tell you the same.

  22. Every broker has its advantages. Neotrades has many. It’s a trading platform, educational materials, a support team, and additional services like Autotradong, Copy Trading, and Pamm accounts.

  23. The Neotrades trading platform is one of the best I have seen. Fast executions, no bugs or delays, and lots of tools that help traders make a profit.

  24. This company gives traders many opportunities to make money in financial markets. All you need to do is use them.

  25. To become a profitable trader, you need to learn about trading. Neotrades provides a lot of educational materials to learn it. At the same time you can practice, and it will be a great experience. You won’t even notice how you become good at it.

  26. I’ve met CFD brokers that turned out to be scammers. It was an awful experience when I lost my money. Neotrades is a reliable broker. Your money is safe with this company.

  27. My result in the first month of trading was 40%, the second was 60%. It shows that pamm accounts and copy trading work very well.

  28. I’m sure Neotrades is one of the best brokers for trading CFDs. It offers only good services to its clients, and they make money using them.

  29. I love this company because using its services made me enough money to buy the last iPhone. And it took just three months. Isn’t it great!

    1. Yes, of course, it’s so great! Keep it this way. I started trading only two weeks ago and hope I can make a profit like you did.

  30. I have had three trading accounts with three brokers. From my experience, Neotrades seems to be better than two others. If you ask me why, I can name many reasons, such as lower spreads, easier trading platform, more trading instruments, and great additional services like Copy Trading and PAMM accounts.

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