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 All Freedom24 real reviews from real customers – 2021

We have looked through all the Freedom24 real reviews of real clients about the broker. What is Freedom24, and how do they contribute to the actual work? Is Freedom24 a scam? Is it true that Freee24 is an honest broker? What’s the reality?

Our main objective isn’t simply to assess this broker but also to educate you on how to pay attention to critical details so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s worthwhile trusting the broker later.

Freedom Finance 24 main

Client reviews about the broker – are all Freedom24 real reviews?

On the one hand, we hope all Freedom24 real reviews are not fake. On the other hand, we don’t know if they are 100% reliable.
However, we tried to filter out the reviews that looked unnatural.

We found a few different people trading with Freedom24 so that you can see what real people think about the broker.

Here are the reviews from real traders of Freedom24 that we found:

Harry, 25 years old: “When I first decided to trade with Freedom24, I was apprehensive about my investments. However, Maxim Manturov managed to convince me that they are a reliable company by providing numerous demonstrable proofs of their high trading standards and credibility.”

Alice, 34 years old: “Freedom24 is one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with. Great range of services and products! Freedom24 cares about their clients and does everything to make sure they are happy!”

James, 45 years old: “I only just recently started my journey with Freedom24, and so far, I am happy with the results. Their team is excellent, and the most competent is Maxim Manturov at what they do and provide such an excellent service! They are also one of the most cost-effective companies on the market.”

This is what we found out about Freedom 24:


  • Most customers like what Freedom24 provides.
  • Freedom24 specialists are here for you 24/7.
  • Freedom24 provides a convenient trading platform and great tools for trading.
  • The ability to participate in the IPOs (initial public offering), which is taking place right now.

Freedom 24 – Maxim Manturov

maxim manturov freedom 24 LOGO
Maxim Manturov, head of investment research at Freedom 24

Several traders described the Freedom24 Maxim Manturov specialist as being not only extremely competent but genius. His ideas make a huge change in trading and investing.

In addition, clients praised him for being the person they would give their money to without hesitation since his recommendations not only increased assets on their deposits but also helped them understand the market and see the real potential in it.

Maxim Manturov looks like the new Leonardo DaVinci in trading and Motzart combiner. His innovative ideas spread and motivated the whole team and their clients.

Unique Freedom24 tools:

Brokerage company Freedom24 provides unique tools for its traders, more 1 000 000.

freedom24 real reviews

You will have access to the best exchanges and trading conditions. Freedom 24 provides its clients with the opportunity to trade stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, and options.

Mobile Apps. The broker has developed an app – there is an app for any device. You can use it on any mobile phone software, whether it is a Huawei AppGallery, Android, or iOS. It’s superb and straightforward. You use the app to trade anywhere, anytime, using every feature that the trading platform provides.

freedom24 real reviews

Web platform. You can use it right from the broker’s website after you sign up and make a deposit, of course.

Unique Freedom24 account:

Freedom24 as such does not distinguish types of accounts, as many other brokers do. You can open an account and start trading with $10. And freedom24 will let you use all their tools as if you deposited a billion dollars! You are free to do as you want, the deposit amount doesn’t influence your trading experience, just your profits. This is one of the most favorable conditions that distinguish from others.

Another great benefit is that freedom24 allows its consumers to invest in IPOs.

An IPO is a firm’s shares offered for the first time and made available to investors. You will be able to buy such shares on European and American exchanges.

Freedom24 clients must have at least $2,000 in their accounts to profit from IPO.

Freedom24 specialists also create individualized portfolios for investing in IPOs based on the client’s trading activity and skills. Yes. This method is very innovative. We have a lot of faith in this strategy.

Freedom24 allows investors to trade stocks in addition to the EU’s unique opportunity for personal investors to get IPO access (previously available only to institutions). Our researcher’s study company indicators and the market climate to recommend the most promising offerings to our clients, who can buy IPO shares at an initial price and resell them at market price after a 93-day lock-up period.



How does the IPO System Works?

  • First, Freedom24 provides its clients with information about new IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) at their initial offer price.
  • Second, after analyzing the company’s financial indicators and the state of the market, their experts select promising companies among thousands that present the best investment opportunities.
  • Third, our clients use the “Buy” feature to purchase shares at their initial offer price (the minimum amount is ten shares). Fourth, after 93 days (when the IPO stocks open on the stock market), your stocks are unlocked, and you receive their total market value!

freedom24 real reviews

Freedom24 doesn’t sell any securities or investments. This website only provides information about IPOs, including their date of issue, the minimum investment amount, and information on all companies for which an IPO is being issued. Their experts do not sell these shares. Instead, they promote their clients’ purchases of new company stocks before they are unlocked.

More information can be found on Freedom 24 website 

Unique trading offers for traders from the broker

The main goal of the broker is to help you learn about trading through numerous educational materials. The broker institutes learning processes for all clients. That makes sense because when your deposit grows, you will be able to place more trades and have more contracts. Therefore freedom24 gives you as much support as you can get.

The company is operating since 2013 and has a bright future. The management has been involved in the brokerage business for more than ten years and currently employs over 500 employees worldwide (some sources say that there are over 2300 employees total). That should indicate that Freedom finance is not a scam because of the large number of employees.

The freedom24 trading platform has a good reputation among traders who have managed to earn large sums of money due to the professional and innovative tools freedom24 provides. Thus, the broker has many customers, which is why you choose it among other companies.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

There are several deposits and withdrawals.

  • Credit card – Visa or Master Cards;
  • Bank transfer – Any;

The broker guarantees fast transactions.

General characteristics of the broker – is Freedom24?

We don’t believe so. Let’s go over a broker in broad terms.

The broker’s head office is Christaki Kranou 20, C Tower, 5th Floor, Germasogeia, Limassol 4041 Cyprus.

You can contact the broker in several ways:

  • On the broker’s website – on the contact form that you can find in – contacts.
  • By phone: +49 30 863 21 84 0
  • By Email – [email protected]


*Fun fact: Freedom24 even directed and filmed their own series that has a pilot and 7 episodes

Freedom finance movie
“Svobodnie Dengi” the movie by Freedom24

Conclusion: Freedom24 is a great broker.

Broker Freedom24 is an excellent choice. They offer fantastic trading conditions. In addition, freedom24 provides for trading to its clients.

  • Therefore, they offer unique for clients.
  • Business platform developed for trading on different devices. You can also download the platform from the broker’s website.
  • IPO – the best investment in your life.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to practice on a demo account before you open a real account.
  • Licensed – has licenses from regulators such as CySEC, BaFin, SEC.
  • Bonus: After the registration, new users can benefit from the free Promo plan, which allows them to trade for free (0% commission) for the first 30 days.

Therefore, we conclude that the broker is worthy of your attention, and you can 100% trust him.

Conclusion: Freedom24 is a broker you can trust.

6 thoughts on “ All Freedom24 real reviews from real customers – 2021.”

  1. I have been working with Hannah from Freedom 24 and i just want to tell you that she is one of the best! Really love her consulting and helping me out all around platform. Freedom 24 has very good team and very good platform. If you are a novice trader like me its a very good brokerage choice, because i also have BINANCE and its super complicated, but here in freedom24 its very easy to open trades.
    Most importantly its very easy to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. I just want to note that everything that this review doesnt speak about and its the cash withdrawal process. The process is very easy, you just send the request with the credentials you did the deposit with and wait. Very easy and simple.

  2. Wow! FREEDOM 24 IS SO SCAM! I just tried to withdraw funds and its not working!!!!!
    FREEDOM 24 is scam! Dont believe this review. Everything this review says is fake! SCAM BROKER!

  3. Good broker, and therefore i leave this review.

    Freedom 24 helped me with many solutions i needed on the stock market. Very fair and decent broker.

  4. Love this Freedom 24 review. Really helped me start trading with the broker.
    To be honest, the trading is very comfortable and the fees are super low.

    I recommend freedom 24 to you guys and you can show me review to any one who is looking for some one to vouch for the broker.

  5. Freedom 24 is very good broker.
    This review says a lot about the broker, but i want to add a bit:
    freedom 24 has very good transaction speed and very very low fees and commissions. You will barely notice them and most importantly it is much easier to profit trading when you are not getting ripped off by your broker.

    Freedom 24 will give you good terms to trade. Also its not only my review that says it, but other people that reviewed the broker can say the same.

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