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Financial market

Financial market. How does it work and what is its structure?

In simple words, the financial market is a structure that makes it possible for various interactions, the sale and purchase of shares and other securities and other financial assets to operate in a market economy. All financial assets with high liquidity take part in the turnover of such a market. Financial markets include:

stock markets – securities transactions are made here;
derivatives market – the price of risks is determined here;
liquidity management is conducted in the money market;
the forex market, where, for example, international trade in exchange rates and so on.
insurance market.
Financial markets are directly involved in the regulation of the modern world economy. The better they function, the faster the global economy develops. Participants in financial markets must constantly replenish their knowledge in this area. Since these are very dynamic structures, their state is constantly changing. Therefore, learning to trade in financial markets, for example, forex, is always relevant. It is best to go with brokers. Since the training can be both paid and free, depending on the selected deposit.