Economic news

Economic news. How to earn them?

Traders know that significant movements in the market. Leading to changes in quotations, occur during the release of economic news. The time of their publications, as a rule, is known in advance, so you should not guess when a recession or a rise in the market will occur. Economic calendars are compiled by experts and are freely available. Anyone can access and learn the information of interest. Of course, not always forecasts based on such a calendar come true. And it is precisely at this moment that a sharp collapse or growth occurs in the market. And the greater the deviation, the longer this movement will continue. Of course, it is not recommended to trade on news to novices on forex. Since the solution here needs to be checked with lightning speed. Thus, only experienced traders who can respond quickly to changes in the market are trading. So you can make good money. But if you do not know all the subtleties of trading, it is better to get training from a broker. You can, of course, connect signals or a robot, but it is hardly possible to earn a lot.