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FXalta review. Can you trust this broker or it’s a scam?


In this FXalta review, we will go over all of the crucial aspects that influence your decision as a trader to choose FXalta over other brokers.

A brief about FXalta: with FXalta, you can trade forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. You can trade on using their web or mobile trading platforms. Moreover, you can start trading with a deposit of just $250.

But to choose a broker, you need to understand all the crucial aspects in detail, and these are the aspects we are going to cover in this FXalta review:

  • Regulation of FXalta
  • website security
  • Account types
  • Funding and withdrawal methods
  • Trading platform
  • Additional services that FXalta provides
  • FXalta honest trader reviews

FXalta review. Regulation of the broker

FXalta review. Regulation is very important. Because

regulation impacts at least 95% of your safety.

  • As a regulated company, the broker follows KYC rules (know your client)
  • Your money is safe when it’s on your FXalta trading account
  • FXalta has a very good reputation among traders. owns an advanced SSL certificate. This SSL certificate is a code that helps keep your online communications safe. 


An SSL certificate is a type of security that makes your website a secure place. It encrypts the connection between your web browser and your website so that no one can steal any information from you.

It is similar to sealing a letter in an envelope before mailing it.

SSL certificates inspire trust in the users of the modern web.

How do you check that the SSL certificate is in place?

Go to and look for the padlock icon near address. If the padlock is there, that means you are protected.

Having an SSL certificate should enable the HTTPS protocol. That means when you are accessing the website. For example, the link should look like this

To use the SSL protection, make sure you access the website through a link and not

FXalta review. Account types

FXalta has a few different account types that require different deposits to activate them.

STANDARD: Economic calendar, daily video market reviews, 1-on-1 platform lesson, 24/5

customer support

PREMIUM: Previous perks and exclusive welcome bonus market alerts, reports, and forecasts,

educational Video Tutorials, and eBooks

PLATINUM: Previous perks and spread reduction, VIP trading support, VIP deposit bonuses

VIP: Previous perks and individual trading strategy and support.

Funding and withdrawal methods



To start trading with FXalta, you must deposit at least $250 to activate your trading account.

You can deposit via those methods:

  • Visa and Mastercard.
  • Wiretransfer
  • Vouchers or coupons and Digital wallets

The withdrawal methods are:

  • Visa and Mastercard.
  • Wiretransfer

Additional services that FXalta provides

FXalta has two major services for its clients: trading signals and education.

Trading signals.

FXalta has provided us with a six-month results report.

In the report, you can see that the results show over 83% accuracy.

We went further and asked FXalta managers to provide us with how many trades had been opened by the signals, but unfortunately, it is impossible to know if a trader had opened a trade using the signals or just on his own.

But we can assume that over 50,000 trades had been opened by FXalta traders using the signals, even if only 10% of the subscribers placed trades on 10% of the signals received.

We think that FXalta signals are decent because of their accuracy and the average pips profit per trade.

The average profit in pips out of a hundred trades that we checked profited over 100 pips.


Education is just on another level with FXalta. Look at how many perks you receive with the different account types:

1. Daily video market reviews

2. 1-on-1 platform lesson

3. Reports and forecasts

4. Educational video tutorials

5. Educational eBooks

6. VIP trading support

7. Individual trading strategy


Not only this, but FXalta also provides a personal account manager who will guide you and is available for you almost 24/7.

So you can see that FXalta focuses on the education of its traders and tries to provide as much knowledge as possible.

FXalta provides a complete educational platform that is easy to understand and navigate. You get all the resources needed for successful trading opportunities, from videos, webinars, and

e-books to daily reviews of the market conditions. This knowledge base is available anywhere with internet access, making it very convenient.

Sometimes there are too many resources provided to make a decision. In addition, you can spend hours going through everything FXalta offers before opening your trades, which can be detrimental if you prefer quick decisions without any hesitation.

That is exactly why you have a personal account manager who will be able to help you speed up that process.

FXalta honest trader reviews

We have looked for FXalta trader reviews on the web. So many reviewers had pretty similar thoughts, so we chose those reviews that will show you different aspects of the broker.

Here are three different reviews from FXalta traders:

Andy says:

“I have been trading with FXalta for almost three years. This broker provides very professional and accurate signals, the best broker in the business. In addition, the One-on-One training is excellent for improving your knowledge about currency


The resources the company offers, such as videos, webinars, books, and daily updates, are well presented and organized to be accessible anywhere. Therefore, I recommend the services

without hesitation.”

Jason says:

“I had a small account when I contacted FXalta, and now in two years, I feel like one of the most experienced traders in my area because of all of this thanks to FXalta’s amazing support and

educational tools! Have access to everything you need from Forex trading strategies to financial reports from the financial news.”

Rachel says:

“I have been with FXalta for over five years now, and I can only sing praises to this broker. The platform is user-friendly, and the tools are easy to use, making it a breeze to take advantage of

various trading opportunities.

Customer Service reps are always available to assist in any way they can, whether you need a trading signal or general advice on how best to trade with your account balance. They have

changed my life for the better!”

In our opinion, FXalta has one of the most honest reviews from its traders, who appreciate this broker’s customer service. In addition, we haven’t found any scam reviews about FXalta.

Conclusion of FXalta review: Is this a broker you can trust or a scam?



FXalta is gaining popularity among traders. For many traders, FXalta is one of the best brokers in the industry.

Besides everything mentioned above, if you are interested in more information about FXalta services, please visit the official webpage:

We think that every broker should provide its traders with all the necessary information about the services. And FXalta is trying very hard to do so.

So, there are excellent trading conditions, full customer support, endless resources for traders, and education. If you want to start your trading career with a reliable broker, which can allow

you to develop your trading skills and help you increase your account balance, choose FXalta!

You won’t regret it!

12 thoughts on “FXalta review. Can you trust this broker or it’s a scam?”

  1. I started trading on the Forex market with FXalta last year and I can say that they exceeded my expectations. Their platform is very convenient and easily customizable to my needs. The broker also provides excellent market analysis tools, which helps me make more informed decisions.

  2. Collaborating with FXALTA has brought me significant success in Forex trading. Thanks to low spreads and fast order processing, I get maximum returns on my investments. Additionally, they have an excellent set of educational resources that helped me improve my skills.

  3. I am satisfied with the reliability and stability of the FXALTA platform. I have never experienced any problems with accessing my account or technical glitches.

  4. FXalta has been in the financial market for a long time. I started working with this company based on numerous positive reviews, and I haven’t regretted it in the 1.5 years since then. I recommend it.

  5. My father trades with this broker. I hear about his successful trades every day, and of course, I see the results. Our family’s income has more than doubled. We often travel to other countries and buy cool things. My father is a very smart person, but I believe that 50% of the results depend on the chosen company. That’s why I think FXalta is a great broker.

  6. I have had a positive trading experience with FXalta for almost 2 years. This broker was recommended to me by my best friend, whom I trust. I don’t have experience with other brokers, but I’m sure FXalta is one of the best.

  7. I’ve been working with FXalta for several years and I am completely satisfied with the cooperation with this broker. I have made trading my main income a long time ago. Because it’s more profitable than my previous business and I spend less time now. I can always travel and enjoy life.

  8. FXalta has a team of professionals and favorable conditions for its clients. When opening an account, I received a bonus, used the trading leverage, and with accurate trading signals, I quickly started making money #YOLO.

  9. Fxalta is very good broker, I really like the platfrom. Very fast and ez to use, and very good support! It is very important!

  10. I want to write this as a thank you latter to manager Jack.K from FXALTA, he was litteraly the best! I had a huge huge problem with leverage, and I tough I was losing a lot of money! But he helped me fix everything with my platfrom and I actually managed to profit over 30k EUR that was THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!

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