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CFD TRADES review. Is it a scam? Only facts and proof


CFD TRADES review. Is this broker a scam? In this review, we will talk about a cryptocurrency and CFD broker. Nowadays, not only wealthy people can have trading accounts. Everyone who wants to make a living from home can have trading accounts and make money on the stock market. And this is a highly effective way to make money. There is a lot of information you can find and learn how to be a successful trader. Trading can make you rich. You can make millions.

However, we all know that not every trader becomes a millionaire. Consistent profit does not depend on luck. It’s about trading systems and proper money management.

So, start making your dreams real. But for a start, you need a broker. CFD TRADES is one of the brokers you can choose. Open a trading account with CFD TRADES, and you will get access to cryptocurrency and CFD trading. 

Let’s start this CFD TRADES review and see why to choose this broker.

CFD TRADES review. Introduction

CFD TRADES review. There are many brokers in the world. But not all provide the same services, and they all offer a different level of support. CFD TRADES is a choice of many traders who make a living by trading on the stock market. Here is what we are going to talk about:

  • CFD TRADES location
  • Safety of funds.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • CFD TRADES trading accounts.
  • Spreads.
  • CFD TRADES trading platforms.
  • Trading tools.
  • Education.
  • Support
  • CFD TRADES traders reviews.

CFD TRADES. Location

CFD TRADES is a global broker, and the company provides services to many international clients around the world. The CFD TRADES office location is in Dublin. If you have any questions, the excellent, highly professional team is for you 24/7. 

Do not hesitate to ask. 

Safety of funds

All the information that goes through the CFD TRADES site is encrypted. It means nobody will be able to steal it. 


CFD TRADES policy Know Your Client.

KYC is a mandatory requirement used for the client identification process. 

This policy has two components – identity and address. Each person wishing to open a trading account must submit documents confirming the identity and residential address.

The required documents are:

  • National Identity Card or Passport
  • Recent Utility Bill or Bank statement not older than six months for the address verification.
  • Copies of your credit card used to make the deposit.

CFD TRADES is committed to protecting your privacy. All the information that you share with CFD TRADES is confidential. The broker only collects personal information from clients to comply with regulations. The broker does not share your information with outside parties. 

CFD TRADES. Deposit and withdrawal

CFD TRADES offers a few options to make a deposit or withdrawal: 

  • you can make a deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account using cryptocurrency 
  •  also, the broker offers a wire transfer 
  • you can use your credit or debit cards. 

These are quick and safe ways. 

Account types

The broker offers four trading accounts:

  • Silver account
  • Gold account
  • Platinum account
  • VIP account

The Silver account required minimum is 250 EUR and a leverage of 1:100. Traders get access to market reviews.

The Gold account required minimum is 10,000 EUR and 1:200 leverage. Traders get monthly webinars, gold spreads, bonus funds, private analyst sessions (level 3), and a personal account manager.

The Platinum account required minimum is 50,000 EUR and 1:300 leverage. Traders get a personal account manager, access to weekly webinars, platinum spreads, private analyst sessions (level 2), and bonus funds.

The VIP account (only by invitation)  Traders get complete access to webinars, 1:400 leverage, bonus funds, and VIP spreads. They also get a personal account manager and private analyst sessions (level 1).

CFD TRADES spreads

CFD TRADES offers low spreads. It is essential for traders because otherwise, they would not be able to make money. We have reviewed many brokers, and we can tell that CFD TRADES is one of the best in the industry at spreads. Many traders said this is one of the reasons they grow their accounts fast.

Trading platforms


CFD TRADES provides its traders with two excellent trading platforms:

  • Web platform (advanced and easy-to-use platform with everything traders need to make a profit). There is no need to download this platform. It is compatible with any browser.
  • Mobile platform (allows to place orders from everywhere. Traders don’t have to stay home near their computers).

CFD TRADES review. Trading tools

The broker offers many trading tools that traders can use:

  • Charts
  • Trading calculators 
  • Analysis tools
  • Trading signals
  • Autotrading
  • Trading indicators
  • The economic calendar for technical analysis

All these trading tools are helpful for traders.

CFD TRADES. Education

CFD TRADES offers lots of educational materials. Traders get access to:

  • interactive trading courses
  • explanations of different trading strategies
  • e-books and webinars

It’s an excellent way for traders to grow their knowledge and get the information that will help them make money.


The CFD TRADES support team is highly professional. If you have any questions, you can use the CFD TRADES contact page or write them using their email. Also, there is an option to call them by phone. They are for your service 24/7. We also have to mention that CFD TRADES provides its clients with a personal assistant. 


Traders reviews

We have talked with many CFD TRADES clients. Most traders say they like this broker because of its excellent service. They assured us this broker is reliable. 

CFD TRADES review. Conclusions. Is this broker a scam?

We have been talking about CFD TRADES. We found out that many traders make money using its services and that traders find this broker reliable. Based on all the information, we can say that this is not a scam but a good choice if you are interested in cryptocurrency and CFD trading. 

The broker has everything traders need to make money. 

We highly recommend CFD TRADES.

If you want to open a trading account with CFD TRADES, follow the link:

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