Forex dollar

Forex dollar. Base currency

The dollar is one of the major world currencies. It has a huge impact on the entire currency market. Of course, this means that the trader must necessarily do for his course and be aware of all the news. This directly affects your money. The dollar is constantly changing and it is impossible to say exactly how it will move at this moment. But this makes technical or fundamental market analysis possible. Of course, the economic situation in the country itself mainly affects the US dollar. And traders around the world constantly monitor the policy of the US Bank, aimed at stabilizing or fluctuating the dollar. Forex dollar exchange rate has recently been unstable. Also, the dollar depends on the price of gold. When it grows, the dollar will fall. USD participates in almost all currency pairs, because its importance can not be underestimated. You can constantly monitor his movements online. And from his movement can significantly change the situation in the market. Because if you open a deal in time, you can make a good profit.