Exchange rate

Exchange rate. Where to get reliable information?

The exchange rate is needed to be able to express the value of one currency through another. The exchange rate is constantly changing. It is influenced by many factors. Starting from the political situation in the country and abroad.  And ending with speeches by heads of state or central banks.
Currency rate can be:
Floating. It is determined only by market factors. In which case the state practically does not regulate the rate in comparison with the currencies of other states.
The managed rate is controlled by the central bank. The so-called currency corridor is used here. If the rate goes beyond it – the bank starts a massive purchase or sale of foreign currencies to adjust it. So you can reduce the price of currency by changing the ratio of supply and demand.
Fixed rate This is the toughest method of control. In this case, the central bank pegs the rate to the currency of another country.
Exchange rates have an effect on inflation. When the course is weakened, it can reduce or. On the contrary, stimulate the growth of inflation within the state. Of course, this is not the only thing that affects inflation – a number of factors play a role here.