Dollar ruble

Dollar ruble. What awaits the Russian currency in the near future?

The dollar ruble pair is constantly discussed in the mass media and other financial sources. In addition, it is one of the most popular and frequently used pairs in the forex market. Given the recent events, the forecast is very obvious – the ruble will fall. While the US currency is constantly becoming stronger and more expensive. And the currencies of other large countries are under catastrophic pressure. Now the position of the ruble is mainly influenced by the increase in oil prices. It does not compensate for the expectation of new sanctions by the United States. And the risks of raising the dollar and the euro to the maximum is a very real prospect. The dollar is supported by the growth rates of the American economy and wage growth. Also, the dollar is being strengthened by the European problems in the form of the risks of the Italian banking crisis.

Thus, we can conclude that in the near future the ruble will not be able to rise. So, traders can continue to buy dollars and sell rubles. This will only bring benefits in the near future.