Attachments. Where to invest money so as not to lose?

Favorable investments interest everyone. Investments and income generation are not interesting only to those who do not want to earn and live better. The main and eternal question: where to invest, so that the investment pays off and brings additional income. There are several options for this:
1. Buy real estate. One of the easiest types of attachments. Real estate, especially in large cities, is always in price. It can be leased, or later sell more expensive.
2. Bank deposits or shares. Also a good and easy investment option. Bring a passive income and, often, very good.
3. Buy cryptocurrency. Here everything is much more interesting. This is an option of “investing in the future.” You can invest unlimited amounts of money. And make a profit on the difference of currencies. To do this, open an appropriate account with a broker.
4. Trade Forex. An option for those who are not afraid to take risks. You can make good money on changes in currency rates. And the variety that forex brokers offer now allows everyone to choose the tool that they like best and work with it.