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Sterling Specialist Review 2020 – Is this broker a scam?

In our Sterling Specialist review, we will talk about all the aspects of the broker that you should know.

Is the broker legit and safe to trade with? YES.
Do you need a large capital to start trading? No, you can start as low as 200 EUR.


The brokerage main address is located at Cyprus trust re building, 3107, Cyprus. And by the regulators, you cannot trade with them if you are from United States, Canada, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yamen, North Korea, Iran, and any other citizens that do not pass the AML inspections.

Sterling Specialist Review


Sterling Specialist review – Safety first

In our Sterling Specialist review, we want to show you exactly the steps we took to ensure that your funds are safe.

  • The first stepYour funds are safe to withdrawal at any time
  • The second step – There are no “errors” in the system, that will mess up your trading.

This may sound strange at first. But being able to withdraw your money, and being able to trade while no random trades are opened, while you cant close them is very important.

We can find this phenomenon with SCAM brokers. But not with Sterling Specialist. 


Top benefits of :


  • Ultra-low spreads
  • Multi-lingual live customer service
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency trading
  • 1000+ Assets including Indices & Stocks
  • Personal guidance from their team of experts

Sterling Specialist trading Platform

Web Trader:

The web trader looks very simple and easy to use, fast and reliable system that we seen a lot of the great companies use. We would rather web trader 9/10 

  • Lag 10/10 Absolutely no lags
  • Easy to use – 10/10
  • Tools – 10/10
  • Super complicated modules – 0/10 we found no custom builder for indicators, but to be honest, if you would even build that you wouldn’t want to do that on Sterling Specialist. 

9/10 Because some geeks would probably want to make their life harder by creating some custom jumble jumble.

Sterling Specialist PC

Mobile App:

The mobile app was perfectly fitting our mobile phone using IOS and Android,

10/10 Because everything was perfect.

  • Lag 10/10 Absolutely no lags
  • Easy to use – 10/10
  • Tools – 10/10

Sterling Specialist MOBILE PLATFROM


Noticeable trading advantages


  • Multicurrency accounts – That helps a ton when you have different bank accounts or cards in different countries and currencies.
  • No dealing desk – Just as it sounds.
  • Lucrative affiliate program – If your an affiliate or you just want to receive a bonus for referring a friend, Sterling Specialist offers amazing bonuses.
  • API manager – A ton of different functions for the geeks between us.
  • No minimum deposits – An amazing feature for traders that want to add just a few euros if needed.
  • Two factory authentication – Safety first.
  • Fast and secure transfers – Speed is everything in trading, and fast by Sterling Specialist broker, actually means FAST!
  • Trade 24 / 7 / 365
  • Trade – Crypto, Forex, and indices.
  • Negative balance protection – A very hard to find advantage in the market. This one definitely shines a ton of light on Sterling Specialist. Most of the brokers reviews we have done, do not have that lucrative option
  • You get a relationship manager starting from 250 EUR investment. ( Trial period )
  • Daily newsletter access starting from 250 EUR investment. ( Trial period )
  • Access to premium signals from only 250 EUR investment. ( Trial period )
  • Private one on one trading academy sessions starting from only 250 EUR investment.
  • Over 6 different account types to choose from


Payment methods to choose from:


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfers
  • Bitcoin

And much more to choose from. Make sure to ask the broker what payment method would suit you the best.

Sterling Specialist PAYMENTS

Sterling Specialist Review – Final conclusion – 10/10


  • Very easy to use platform.
  • Huge bonuses and perks starting from low deposits.
  • Your funds are safe and secure with Sterling Specialist.

Sign up and start trading with Sterling Specialist

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