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broker GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews

Is broker GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews? All interesting about the company

Brokerage company GeoInvestGroup is an international broker specializing exclusively in providing services for trading with binary options. The broker started its activity in 2016 and now it’s one of the 25 largest companies in the world in this field. You can start trading with this broker even without the initial deposit. You can become a participant in weekly contests with a prize of $ 25 and then start trading with the company. GeoInvestGroup provides a highly qualified training for its traders. Most traders find this training excellent. They wrote it in their reviews about the company. The trading platform is developed by the best programmers of the world. Legal address of the company: Edinburgh, EH1 1DD, Scotland, tel.number for communication +442039362112. GeoInvestGroup offers more than 300 assets for trading. This broker is fully certified and has all the necessary for its activity licenses. It’s not a scam but a reliable worthy company. Let’s talk now about the main advantages of  GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews.

The main advantages of broker GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews

The main advantages of the company are quality services in the field of trading with binary options for its customers.
So, GeoInvestGroup offers:

  1. Free training;
  2. Signals;
  3. Free assistance by specialists;
  4. Insurance of first five deals;
  5. No deposit bonus;
  6. 100% deposit bonus;
  7. Support 24/5;
  8. Weekly contests.

These are just main advantages. The whole list of advantages you can find on the official site geoinvestgroup.com. This broker is not a scam, it doesn’t deceive traders. Check all the information yourself and leave your review about it on our portal. We will be glad to know your opinion.

About GeoInvestGroup

GeoInvestGroup started to train traders and provide them with trading platforms for binary options trading in 2016. Now it’s an international company with more than 500 thousand customers all over the world. The broker GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews doesn’t deceive its traders. On the contrary, GeoInvestGroup scam gives many opportunities to make a profit. All the information about this company you can find on its official website. Also, you can find there many reviews of traders who have already the experience of working with this broker.

Some reviews about GeoInvestGroup

“I am very glad I chose this company. Tried trading before but I wasn’t lucky. I chose a bad broker which turned out to be just a bunch of scammers. So, I lost all my money. GeoInvestGroup scam is really excellent company. I like the company’s policy, the broker trained me and now I make deals with a help of specialists. Do not choose unreliable companies, check all the information carefully. Now I know for sure – I made the right choice” Sergey.
“Already wanted to write a review about the fact that GeoInvestGroup does not pay out the money when suddenly I saw on my account the transferred profit. I got my money. I thought this broker was just another fraud but it’s a worthy company. Now I know I was wrong. Today thanks to the company I get a good income” Ivan.

Fake reviews

Sometimes on the Internet, you can see very negative reviews that were written allegedly by traders. But these reviews are written by competitors of this company. You can find this false information on several sites. But basically, these scammers make one mistake. They talk about forex trading. But broker GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews deals only with binary options. Be careful. Know how to determine scammers.

Working with GeoInvestGroup

“My cooperation with this company began with registration. After learning basic things about trading I decided – it’s the time to make deals already. Since I don’t have much time, I connected a trading robot. And now this robot makes deals instead of me. But I get a profit. Not bad, right? I really like this cooperation and such a system of making money. Finally, I wasn’t deceived. I’m so glad I chose this broker. In the future, I want to try trading on Forex. Thank you, broker GeoInvestGroup rip off reviews.” Alexander.


Level of reliability of the broker – 100,00%
Qualification of experts – 100.00%
Support – 97.00%
Convenience of the platform – 96.00%
Withdrawal of funds – 97.00%
Account verification – 100.00%
Training – 100.00%

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